Clean in Khaki 

Hey Dolls!  Since it’s almost the end of August;  I got inspired to wear a transition outfit from summer into fall!  Fall is all about Blazers, waistcoats, cardigans  and layering; which is why I went for my favorite khaki blazer for this look and a pair of green shorts. 

I paired this outfit up with some sandals and a backpack for more of a casual city vibe! And ofcourse I had to have a pop of color on the lips because there’s nothin’ like a bright lipstick to enhance your entire look ! Hope you dolls enjoy the look xx ❤




Outfit Details:
Blazer: HM
Top: Boohoo 
Shorts: Charlotte Russe
Sandals: Old 
Sunnies: Betsey Johnson
Backpack: Target Style
Bracelets: Vintage 

Style Tip: If khaki isn’t your color, try a black blazer with some denim shorts, or a white on white outfit for that clean, crisp look ❤️



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