February Favorites


HEY GUYS 😀 !!! and yaasss I am back with my monthly beauty favorites!!! Now, I know I have been slacking on the beauty posts lately but as promised I’m back with some useful reviews for you ladies !! My skin / beauty routine hasn’t changed much in the recent months but I have come across some amazing products that I wanna share with you guys.


I am going to start off by talking about my most favorite lotion and body scrub EVER!!! This is the GRATiAE Cosmetics Exfoliating Body Scrub and Silky Body Butter

1) The Body Scrub:
This is a 100% dead sea salt body scrub. I have been looking for a dead sea salt scrub for the longest time and I found me this little container of perfection!  It’s super moisturizing and all you need is a lil bit to get started! Since it is all sea salt, you need to make sure your skin is wet / damp before your start rubbing this on your skin in small circular motions! Rubbing it on dry skin might irritate it a bit and cause redness.


I use this all over my body and it gets rid all dry patches on my skin and also prevents from getting in-grown hair. 

 If you do have an issue with in-grown hair try exfoliating before you shave or wax. Exfoliating gets rid of dry skin and evens it out to avoid in-grown hair. Another plus is the amazing glow it gives you, which is always a plus 🙂

Price: 29.99USD Buy it: HERE 

 2)The Body Butter: I am a sucker for organic beauty products, especially lotion and I always tend to try different ones. But the moment I put my hands on this one, I didn’t have to go any further to tell that this is hands down the best lotion you can ever slather on yourself. No exaggerations here!!!! All you need is a little bit and your skin looks radiant and moisturized.  It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy but rather gives your skin a silky finish!  With ingredients such as Jojoba and Shea this is the perfect lotion for winter!  Effects are long lasting and it makes your skin a whole lot softer if used daily.

Price: 29.99USD Buy it: HERE 

 My next absolute favorites are the Jordana cosmetics lipsticks and lip liners!   I never invest in drugstore lipsticks as much but the moment I tried these on. I knew I hit gold !

Price: 2.49USD at your local Walgreens or CVS 

 Pigementation: Amazing! They are true to shade and last about 4-6 hours without eating or drinking! Their nudes last about 4 hours but the berry / pink shades last 6 hours atleast! They come in various shades that compliment all skin tones!

My favorites: I am in love with three shades currently which are Matte Tease which is a cool pink shade, Matte Blush which is a nude pink and Matte Classy which is a mauve. Below are the swatches in that order: 

Below I am wearing Matte Classy:


I always use lip liners to make my lipsticks last longer and these Jordana Cosmetic lip liners don’t cease to impress. My current favorites are Rock n Rose which is a mauve – brown shade and Rose Crush which is a pink shade. 

Price: 2.50USD at your local Walgreens or CVS. 

Packaging: These are retractable lip liners hence you don’t need to bother with sharpeners! 

Application: The formula is really creamy which makes it easy to glide on your lips. They last for about 6-7 hours without eating. I tend to wear these all over my lips sometimes without using a lipstick and they look just as amazing as a lipstick would

Here I am wearing: Matte Blush with the lip liner Rock n Rose:

Next, is a better version of my all time favorite Tarte eyeliner in black! This is the Tartiest Clay Paint Waterproof Eyeliner!

I have previously reviewed tarte eyeliners and I am in love with them ! Only thing that has changed with them recently is their packaging.  I love this tube version a lot more than the little container because you don’t have to expose the entire eyeliner to air and avoid it from being dried out quicker !  The tube also comes with a flat blending stage to precisely get the amount you desire ! 

Application: Smooth and creamy. Lasts  24 hours without creasing ! 

Price: 24.00USD   At your local Sephora

And lastly, I present to you this amazing brow gel that places and tints your brows to perfection! 

This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel in brunette! This is the perfect lil tool to keep my eyebrows under control because I do have thick eyebrows.  

Application: Easy without creating a mess.  Dries a few seconds after application and effects last till you wash your face.  

Tint: Brown with hints of gold.  Perfect for dark brown hair.  You can also purchase their clear gel to avoid the tint! 

Price: 22.00USD at your local Sephora or Ulta. 

Xo ❤


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