Bleu de Gênes

Hey everyone 🙂 !! I recently visited Grandfather Mountains in the beautiful state of North Carolina. It was super peaceful yet really intimidating because of its height! I needed something cute to wear and I went with this gorgeous denim jumpsuit. I’m so happy denim is really in style right now because I love everything denim from shirts to shorts or jeans. This jumpsuit was just perfect for my trip and also kept me warm because it was super cold up there. I wore coral loafers and added a scarf as my only accessory! Remember ladies, less is definitely more 😉 !!
Details on the outfit are listed at the end and don’t forget to like or comment below !! Muuahsss ❤










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Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit: NY&C 69.99USD
Scarf: NY&C. Sale 4.99USD
Loafers: Clarks 69.99USD
Purse: Aldo 60.00USD


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